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Color Matching Clips

Take the guessing out of the game - our color matching clips are here to do the work for you! 
Designed to help you find a flawless color match before committing to a full set of clip-ins, our color matching clips are the perfect starting point for anyone who might be unsure of what color will work best for them.
So, how does it work?
Purchase the color-matching clip that you believe is the closest to your natural hair. Once you receive your color matching clip, you will test the swatch against your natural hair, confirming it is the perfect match!

When you’ve confirmed your perfect color match and are ready to order your full set of clip-ins, package up your color matching clip with the included return label and drop it off at your closest UPS dropbox or facility. Once we receive the returned color matching clip, you will receive a $25 credit towards your full set of Xo Britt extensions. Questions? Reach out to us at for more information!