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Xo Britt Soiree Recap

Xo Britt Soiree Recap

Brittany Aldean
8 minute read

Dear Diary, 

WOW! These past few days have been quite a whirlwind! From the launch of the Xo Britt Ponytail, hosting my first TalkShopLive, to celebrating with some of my favorite people at the official Xo Britt launch party… I have realized how truly blessed I am to have this amazing business.

I love a good party, but the Xo Britt Soiree was truly out of this world! All of the perfectly curated displays created by our sponsors, the delicious food, creative drinks, and staff made this party come to life with so much love. We truly could not have done it without them! So, keep reading while I give them a little bit of love!

Harper Ellis Hair Co. 

You babes know all about Harper Ellis, but what you might not know is how hard they work behind the scenes each and every day to make this dream a reality! From curating the pretty hair to putting together all of the pretty packages you see in your mailboxes—they are truly a powerhouse full of inspiring, hard-working people who give their all every day. To my Harper Ellis family, you all made this event so special.  I will never forget it for the rest of my life and appreciate you all more than you know! (PS: If you are late to the party and don’t know who Harper Ellis is, you can check them out here!)

The Frozen Farmer

If you haven’t been introduced to The Frozen Farmer, the woman-owned company led by Katey Evans, you are certainly missing out!  They were the brand behind the perfectly curated frozen cocktails, styled perfectly in a retro freezer, of course. The Frozen Farmer was recently featured on Shark Tank for their innovative approach to recycling produce into sorbet to avoid food waste! Y’all, let me tell you that I truly have never tasted something so delicious! This low calorie frozen treat is full of nutrients and loaded with all natural fruit! The best part? You can make cocktails with the sorbet, too! You can check out The Frozen Farmer here and grab some flavors so you can celebrate with me! 

The Aero Bar 

If you’ve seen my past parties, you know that having The Aero Bar in attendance is a must! This on-location bar service is the best of the best when it comes to a perfectly crafted cocktail experience! Their experienced bartenders and master mixologists kept the delicious drinks coming all night long.  If you were following along on Instagram you probably saw their positive energy radiating throughout the evening. Next time, I might need to include their coffee bar for a late night pick-me-up! To book the most iconic party of your life with The Aero Bar, click here!

Liberty Party Rental 

Tell me babe, have you ever heard of Liberty Party Rental?! This amazing rental company is a Nashville staple when it comes to planning an event! This amazing team was responsible for the beautiful cocktail bar, tables, glassware, and hair bar where you saw us hanging out for most of the night! Their pieces added the perfect element of sophistication - something every good soiree needs! To learn more about their rentals and how you can work together on your next event, click here

Alpha Lit Nashville 

The secret to planning any good party is making sure all the pretty details are in their pretty little places. There’s just something about adding a personal element that makes people stop and stare (and snap a few pics!) - and Alpha Lit Nashville did just that! Their beautiful “Xo Britt” Marquee Letters were the perfect addition to light up the night alongside our guests! What started out as a fun detail at a wedding has now turned into a country-wide business, supporting small business owners everywhere. To book your own Marquee Letters and learn more about their services, you can check out Alpha Lit Nashville here

Haute Air Balloon Co.

Believe it or not babe, the balloon displays you saw at the party actually came from one of our neighboring states, Arkansas! Haute Air Balloon Co. truly brought the party when it came to their displays. At each setup, this team of three incorporated beautiful tones of beige, gold, and off white to give the party the sophisticated, yet fun feel we were all hoping for. This team worked so quickly and efficiently, it felt like I blinked and everything was done! I think it’s safe to say that having this team of experts on location was certainly worth the drive! To book Haute Air Balloon Co. for your next event, click here

The Vlanca House 

If you all were wondering where we got the killer ball pit for this event, we have The Vlanca House to thank! Not only does this amazing sponsor provide ball pits with SO many color choices, but they also have bounce houses! Babe, take a moment with me and imagine your next wedding or event… now multiply the fun you think you would have times TEN! This party show stopper had everyone breaking out their inner kid, and filled the event with so much joy. If you want to rent a show stopping piece for your next event, Vlanca House is the perfect place for you! Check out their site here

Cheese Gal 

What’s a party without some delicious hors d’oeuvres?! Thankfully, we didn’t have to find out because Cheese Gal was serving up the most adorable personalized charcuterie boards all night long! Each board came with tasty cheeses, meats, garnishes, spreads, and of course, some crackers! I truly could not recommend a better option for your next get together than Cheese Gal! Cortney, you and your team outdid yourselves, and we can’t thank you enough for all of your kindness! To find out more about Cheese Gal and place your order, click here

Party Props Nashville 

To all my Nashville natives, if you haven’t had the chance to work with Party Props Nashville yet, you are MISSING OUT! This iconic wife and husband duo created the most beautiful backdrop where all of our guests were able to hangout, take the most Instagram-worthy photos, and enjoy all the things we had to celebrate! The best part? Each panel that was a part of this backdrop could also be its own stand alone piece! So whether you need a 4 ft. backdrop, or a 24 ft. backdrop like me, they will have you covered! Check out Party Props Instagram here where you can send the team a DM to get your own party started! 


If you’ve kept up with my posts on my personal Instagram, you’ve probably seen me obsessing over the last beauty craze in foundation and concealer - Hide! Hide was kind enough to provide all of our pretty guests with their perfect color match in our gifted goodie bags and let me tell y’all, this was a huge hit! Their powerful, lightweight, and long-lasting formulas are perfect for any skin color, condition, and type. To shop your perfect color match, visit Hide’s website here

Apple Spice Nashville 

Babe, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love a good late night snack! After the soiree had come to a close, my friends and I had to head inside to keep the good times going. Thankfully, we had Apple Spice Nashville by our sides! They prepared the perfect boxes - full of tasty sandwiches, chips, and something a little sweet for each guest! Their personalization on each box had all of us dying for more! To get your hands on my favorite go-to snacks, visit Apple Spice here

That’s it y’all! I think it’s safe to say that we may have brought the party, but the sponsors are the ones who truly knocked it out of the park! 

Be sure to keep up with me on Instagram at @xobrittaldean and don’t forget to tag me in your pretty hair pics with #xobrittbabe for a chance to be featured!

Xo Britt 💋

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