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Xo Britt Babes Unfiltered

Xo Britt Babes Unfiltered

Brittany Aldean
4 minute read

Dear Diary, 
We love our Xo Britt Babes and all of the gorgeous looks they create with our clip-ins. While we love seeing their pretty Insta pictures on our feed, we also love hearing the story behind their pretty hair. That’s why we dedicated this blog to anything and everything they have to say about our clip-ins and how our hair has changed their lives!

Have you ever cut your hair and immediately regretted it as soon as you left the chair? We deserve to have the best of both worlds—and with clip-ins, we totally can. Courtney loves rocking both her edgy, shorter cut some days, and long, luscious clip-ins the next.

“It all started when I was having a conversation with my husband about my hair. I wanted to chop it off, but he liked it long. He said what husbands often say: ‘You can’t have both.’ And in that very moment, I decided that I would in fact have both, so I chopped my hair off and bought extensions.

My pettiness aside, I enjoy having clip-ins because my style is very versatile. I love rocking my short hair when I’m feeling edgy. When I’m going for a feminine, sexy vibe, I HAVE to wear my clip-ins! The right hair is just as important as the shoes!”
-Courtney McCutcheon

We know that hair growth takes patience—but patience is a virtue that’s hard to come by! You don’t have to wait any longer to have your dream hair and your dream confidence with our clip-ins. Just ask Kala Wetzel.  

“I’ve always wanted long locks, but I’ve also struggled with growing my natural hair. So I decided to start wearing clip-ins to finally get my dream hair. My hair has always been my pride, and it makes me feel a little better when I have those days I’m just not feeling the best.”
-Kala Wetzel

Your expectations will never fall flat with our clip-ins, and neither will your hair. We know that getting that luscious volume we all love takes more than teasing and hairspray sometimes. Victoria Vesce knows all the secrets to pretty hair—that’s why hers is so big! But don’t worry, she spills them all to us 😉

“I tried clip-in extensions because I had wanted volume in my hair for all the events and shoots I do for a while. They’ve made me glow during all of my shoots and added an extra pizazz to my look that has boosted my confidence. But they’re not permanent and I can continue to grow my natural hair out at the same time.”
-Victoria Vesce

We wish each babe could wake up with killer confidence every day. But on the days when you’re not feeling 100 percent, our long, luxurious hair can put a little pep back in your step. Whether you are dealing with a bad day or struggling with postpartum hair growth, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to get the hair and the confidence to turn your day around. 

“When my hair is pretty, I feel pretty! They make me feel beautiful and I love how they can transform an outfit. After having kids, I struggled with hair growth and I was so bummed. But once I started wearing hair extensions, it changed everything—I loved my hair again and started exploring so many cute hairstyles.” 
-Amanda Pinkel

Our Xo Britt Babes don’t just have pretty hair—they have so much wisdom that we are lucky they share with us. We are so proud to call them part of the Xo Britt family. Are you ready to join the family too? Get your easy, fast, and comfortable clip-ins today and see what long hair can do for you. 

Shop the full collection of clip-ins here and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with @XoBrittAldean and use #XoBrittBabe for a chance to be featured! And of course, don’t forget to sign up for our affiliate program here

Xo Britt 💋

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