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Which Clip-In Length Is Right For You?

Which Clip-In Length Is Right For You?

Brittany Aldean
3 minute read

Dear Diary, 
A question that our Xo Britt customer service team gets asked almost daily: Which clip-in length should I choose? If you've been thinking about investing in extensions, but aren't sure which length to choose, keep reading! We’re spilling all the details to help you get the hair of YOUR dreams. 

Xo Britt clip-ins are designed for everyone to achieve their dream hair. We understand that the definition of dream hair can look different for everyone. With that in mind, we made sure that we curated a collection of eleven colors with two length options that would benefit all of our babes. 

Here are a few things to consider when deciding between our 16” and our 22” clip-ins!

1. Your Style 

The way you style your hair can make a difference when selecting between 16" and 22" extensions. Do you love to wear your hair straight or do you prefer bouncy curls? As you probably already know, creating curls or waves in your hair can cause your extensions to appear shorter than they really are. If you are a fan of curly styles like this one, especially those that call for tighter spirals, consider going with our 22” clip-ins to keep the look of long, luscious hair. If you typically wear your hair straight like this, our 16" clip-ins might be the best option for you if you are looking for a long and full look!

2. Your Height 

Did you know height can play a role in how long your extensions look? There is no right or wrong length, to be honest! Our 16" clip-ins are perfect for our babes with a shorter frame, while our 22" clip-ins will help our taller babes achieve that long, luxe look. (PS: Special shoutout to all of our Xo Britt Babes rocking 22" clip-ins with a shorter frame!) 

3. Your Natural Hair Length

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding between our two clip-in length options is the length and thickness of your natural hair. Shorter hair blends better with shorter extensions, and vice versa! However, with Xo Britt clip-ins, we make the installation process so easy with color-coded clips so you know exactly where to put each clip, securing a gorgeous blend with your natural hair every time!

We love seeing our babes achieve their pretty hair goals. Now that you’ve figured out which length is right for you, check out this blog to find out which Xo Britt color is your perfect match!

Ready to step up your hair game and let your confidence shine? Shop the full collection of clip-ins here and don’t forget to tag @xobrittaldean for a chance to be featured on our page! 

Xo Britt 💋

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