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Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Fall

Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Fall

Brittany Aldean
4 minute read

Dear Diary, 

It’s officially wedding season! While your calendar fills up with save-the-dates, now’s a perfect time to start practicing some new trendy fall styles to wear with your clip-in’s! 

We’ve gathered five of our favorite styles that are dance floor approved! We can’t wait to see how you style them!


If you know you are going to spend all night on the dance floor, try wearing your hair half-up, half-down in order to keep your hair out of your face. Our suggestion? Follow along with these three easy steps below!

Step One: Grab your Xo Britt 16” or 22” clip-in extensions and use the step-by-step guide included in your box to install the hair.

Step Two: Start by pulling back half of your hair at the top of your crown.

Step Three: Secure the hair with a decorative clip or bobby pin. 

Easy right? #HairGoals achieved! 

Photo Credit @sweetmelissasalon


You know we love nothing more than a pony party here at Xo Britt, especially when it involves our clip-in ponytail! This easy hairstyle is the perfect for any wedding guest. 

Step One: Pull your hair into a high ponytail.

Step Two: Insert the Xo Britt Ponytail comb into the top portion of your ponytail holder.

Step Three: Wrap the small strand of hair around the base of your ponytail to hide the velcro.

Step Four: Use a bobby pin to secure.

Pro Tip: You can wear your ponytail straight or add some curl with the Xo Britt Iconic Iron.

Photo Credit @raelynnofficial


This effortless style is perfect for the wedding guest who wants to look elegant with ease.  Here’s how you can achieve this look…

Step One: Start by installing your Xo Britt clip-in extensions, which will give you instant volume and length. 

Step Two: Once your clip-ins are installed, grab your favorite hair clips that have a little touch of glitz or bling.

Step Three: Pull back your hair on one side only, sweeping the hair towards the back of your  head.

Step Four: Secure the hair with your clip. Pro Tip: Use multiple clips for an extra glam look!

Step Five: Finish with a touch of hairspray.

Voilà! Effortless elegance has arrived!

Photo Credit @courtney_jean_m


A boho bubble braid style will always be a timeless wedding guest look!

Step One: Start by installing your Xo Britt clip-in extensions to add instant volume and length. 

Step Two: Pull a small section of hair back at the top of your crown and secure with an elastic band. 

Step Three: Start adding additional elastic bands about 2 inches apart, creating a bubble shape.

Step Four: Once you have reached the end of your half-up ponytail, gently pull apart the bubbles to create added volume. 

Pro Tip: If you want to add additional texture throughout your hair, don’t be afraid to add in some small baby braids and secure with clear elastic bands! Hello mermaid hair!  

Photo Credit @sweetmelissasalon


Ready to make a hair-statement? Create an ultra-textured braid!

Step One: Start by installing your Xo Britt clip-in extensions.

Step Two: Grab your favorite texturizing spray and apply to the hair, creating a messy look.

Step Three: Pull all of your hair back, and weave your hair into a braid. 

Step Four: Gently pull apart the braid as you work. 

Step Five: Secure the end of the braid with an elastic band.

Trust us, the results will be sure to turn heads!

Photo Credit @ booujaybraids

That’s it for now babe, I can’t wait to see which style you choose to rock this wedding season! Shop the full collection of clip-ins here, and don’t forget to check out our Instagram where we share tutorials and fun ways to style your Xo Britt clip-ins. 

Xo Britt 💋

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