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Traveling with Clip-In Extensions

Traveling with Clip-In Extensions

Brittany Aldean
2 minute read

Dear Diary,

A couple of weeks ago I was sharing all about why the Xo Britt Babes need a hair hanger, and now, the time has come to put it to use! Traveling with clip-in extensions can be a major hassle, especially when you have somewhere important to be! Lucky for you, I’ve outlined some of my favorite traveling hacks for extensions. Which method will you be trying out first?! 

1. Store Neatly

I know, I know, you heard me say it a few weeks ago, but seriously, storing your pretty hair in a neat and organized manner is the number one way to prevent damage, tangles, and missing pieces. Or worse - breaking one of your pretty hair clips! To avoid any issues while traveling, I highly recommend purchasing one of my Xo Britt pretty hair hangers if you’re going to be hopping from plane to plane this holiday season! 

2. Pre-Style 

If you haven’t tried this hack already, I HIGHLY recommend giving it a shot! Styling your extensions before you put them in your bag to travel is one of my favorite ways to speed up the styling process when you get to your destination! Whether you’re in a rush to get to your family’s holiday party or have to be at an event ASAP, pre-styling your pretty hair before you travel will always keep you ahead of the game. *PRO TIP: Make sure to brush out your extensions before installing them!

3. Pack a Travel Brush

If you’re wearing you pretty hair in the car, train, or on the plane, it’s important to have a travel brush at the ready in your bag! Using a travel brush on the go is a great way to prevent tangles and damage - plus, it’s just so cute and tiny! 

That’s it for now, babe, but don’t forget to tune in next week and let me know if you’ve packed your pretty hair with you! Stay connected with me on Instagram at @xobrittaldean, and use the hashtag #xobrittbabe for a chance to be featured! 

Xo Britt 💋

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