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Styles for the Budget-Friendly Bride

Styles for the Budget-Friendly Bride

Brittany Aldean
4 minute read

Dear Diary, 

Every bride-to-be knows that having a beautiful hairstyle is one of the key components to looking picture perfect on your big day. And if you’re a budget savvy bride, you’re probably trying to decide if hair extensions are a worthy investment. 

We know it can be costly to shell out the big bucks when prepping and planning, but with payment plans through affirm and spending your money where it counts, with multiple wears clip-in extensions are a worthy investment! And rather than wear them once for your special day, why not use your hair extensions for your wedding day, the events leading up to it, and for your every day lifestyle afterwards!

So, here are some of our favorite bridal styles that can take you all the way from the big day to your now newlywed life.

Beach Waves

Honestly, we can’t think of a more elegant bridal shower hairstyle than long, cascading beach waves. This regal hairstyle will have you and your hair screaming “life of the party”! Want to try this look with some added dimension? Check out the Maui, Brittany, and Havana 22” Sets!

Accessorized Ponytails

Let’s face it — sometimes wearing your hair down can be a little stressful when you're laser-focused on having a good time. This is where a classic high-ponytail could be your best friend during your bachelorette party festivities. Not only is a high ponytail a practical hairstyle to help keep your hair out of your face, it also helps to look sculpted by emphasizing your cheekbones and seamlessly contouring your entire face. Want to add some volume and length to your ponytail? Click here to shop our ponytail clip-in extensions available in 5 different colors! 

Low Bun

Of all the styles of buns, there are none more refined and timelessly classy as the low bun. A clean and simple low bun will help to draw attention to your beautiful face, while still elevating your style. Similar to the previously mentioned high ponytail updo, we love this refined updo look because it is equal parts functional and fabulous. 

Our opinion? The low bun created with our individual clip-ins for added volume is the perfect look for your wedding day because we know the time you’re spending with your significant other is precious so you need a simple hairstyle that isn’t overly time-consuming. If you’re looking for a wedding day hairstyle that’s soft and simple that won’t get in the way of your fun, the low bun is exactly what you need. 

P.S. - If your face-framing curls are a little too tight, don’t worry, within an hour, especially if you’re honeymooning in a tropical environment, those curls will drop down to soft waves in no time.

Tropical Texture Half-Up, Half-Down Waves

Ready to hit the honeymoon and have your hair do the talking? Grab some of our 22” clip-ins to pull together a fun and flirty boho look while you’re vacationing on the islands or exploring somewhere new! 

Side Braids 

So your wedding festivities are over with and done, but you still want to keep your hair looking iconic. For days when you’re swapping out your wedding dress for a t-shirt and jeans or your favorite floral dress, a side braid created with our 16” or 22” sets is the “it girl” hairstyle.

That’s it! Budget-friendly bridal styles have never been easier! If you’re looking for hair extensions for your wedding make sure to check out our color-matching clips or send us an email at to find the best shade for you. 

Looking for more wedding hair inspiration and styling tips? Subscribe to our newsletter to step up your hair game. 

Xo Britt 💋

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