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Let's Talk About It: Postpartum Hair Loss

Let's Talk About It: Postpartum Hair Loss

Brittany Aldean
3 minute read

Dear Diary, 

When I became a new mom, there were so many changes happening all at once, and I honestly didn’t know how much time and energy it would take to not only care for a new baby, but also learning how to adjust to this new lifestyle. One of the biggest changes I hear most moms experiencing though is postpartum hair loss, and how it affects their confidence.

Although this can feel defeating, postpartum hair loss is incredibly common, and there are so many options to help support your pretty hair along this new life milestone, so it’s time to share my favorite tips and tricks with you!

1. Postpartum hair loss comes from within, so start with taking collagen and biotin to regrow hair as fast as possible!

If there’s one thing you should do after having a baby, it’s to start building up vitamins in your system to ensure you and your hair stay healthy! 

Collagen and biotin are great for hair regrowth because of their ability to support keratin, the primary protein in the structure of hair. The best part is, you can easily access these two products at your local grocery store or pharmacy!

2. Use a professional shampoo and conditioner that best fits your hair texture so your hair can be healthy as it grows

One of my favorite tips for new moms is to test out a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically dedicated to your hair type and texture - for example, using a moisturizing shampoo if your hair is feeling dry and brittle! 

This not only will give your scalp and hair the TLC it needs, but it will ensure your hair stays healthy and happy as it continues to grow! If you’re unsure about what type of product you and your hair might need, ask your stylist for additional guidance!

3. Grab some Xo Britt clip-ins

And last, but certainly not least is my favorite little trick - adding some clip-ins. My favorite part about using clip-in extensions with postpartum hair loss is having the ability to still achieve any look I want, without having to really commit to anything. Plus, with the silicone band and installation guide, you’re sure to camouflage the hair loss and ensure the fullness of your styles! If you’re interested in exploring all 11 colors available in 16” + 22”, click here!

So, are you ready to get your confidence back? Explore more of our pretty hair here and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram, with @XoBrittAldean and use #XoBrittBabe when you receive your pretty hair in the mail!

Xo Britt 💋

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