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How To Become an Xo Britt Affiliate

How To Become an Xo Britt Affiliate

Brittany Aldean
2 minute read

Dear Diary, 
Last month, we introduced one of our most exciting programs yet: our Xo Britt Affiliate program! We think our babes are the absolute best, so we wanted to offer them a way to make some extra money just by spreading the word and the pretty hair. There’s no better income than passive income, so today’s blog is all about how to become part of our affiliate program and start earning easy money now. 

Step 1: Sign Up
Head to the Affiliate Program section of our website and click “sign up.” All you need is a valid email address—and voilà, you are part of the program!

Step 2: Share Your Link
After your registration is complete, you will receive a link completely unique to you. Share your link with as many friends and beauty-lovers as you can! The more you share, the more potential income you will have! Paste your link in your Instagram bio and even share it directly with a few babes you know will love our clip-ins! 

Step 3: Earn Money
No action required here—just sit back, relax, and earn some extra money while your friends + fam shop our extensions with your link. You earn 5 percent of every sale that comes through your unique link—that’s around $20 to $25 from every. single. extension. sale. 

And that’s it—that’s all you need to do to become an Xo Britt affiliate today and start earning easy money just for spreading the word and sharing your pretty hair!

Shop the full collection of clip-ins here and don’t forget to tag @XoBrittAldean on Instagram and use #XoBrittBabe for a chance to be featured! And of course, don’t forget to sign up for our affiliate program here

Xo Britt 💋

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