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Heatless Curls Hacks

Heatless Curls Hacks

Brittany Aldean
5 minute read

Dear Diary,

As much as I love getting to create new styles with my hot tools, I’m all about protecting my pretty hair when and where I can, which is why I’ve chosen to share some of my favorite heatless hair hacks with you!

1. Twisting

I love this method because it can be used on days-old hair without needing to hop in the shower again! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love being able to skip a wash day?! 

How to achieve this look: begin by misting your hair with water, then apply a dollop of gel, hair butter, or pomade. Layer on a leave-in conditioner to seal in all the moisture, and finally brush through with a paddle brush (curly girls swear by this brush by Felicia Leatherwood) to distribute the product.

To create the twists, you will wind three sections of damp hair around each other, almost like a braid, twirling your ends around your fingertips to "seal" them. Continue twisting sections until your head is covered, then allow them to dry overnight. Before unraveling the twists, smooth on an oil and unwind them (don't just rake through them). Finally, separate the coils, pick out your roots with a comb, and enjoy your heatless curls!

2. Headband 

If you’re a lover of boho waves, but can never quite master that carefree, easy-breezy finish (that we all know actually entails a lot more work than it looks), then headband curls are the easiest way to activate them! 

How to achieve this look: Starting with damp or freshly washed hair, apply a small amount of balm to the mid-lengths and ends of your locks. This will help lock in the shape of your curls. Comb through the hair if needed to remove any knots. 

Place a stretchy headband on top of your hair (almost like a crown) ensuring the hair lies flat at the crown. As the hairband will stay on all night, make sure it’s not too loose. It needs to stay in place in order for the curls to form. Then, divide your hair into manageable sections and, piece by piece, loop the hair over and under the hairband. Repeat this looping process for each strand until all the hair is wrapped around the headband and the ends are tucked in! Once the top layer of your hair is securely wrapped around the headband, use the same technique for any remaining hair. 

What’s left? The easiest part of this tutorial - heading to bed! Make sure there are no loose strands and pin any shorter sections of hair up into the headband if you need to. Then, catch some shut eye and let your curls form overnight. 

3. Plopping

Though it's recently been popularized on TikTok, plopping is one of the beauty industry’s best-kept secrets. This method allows natural curls and waves to form more distinct curl patterns by using hair products overnight! For my babes who don’t have natural waves or curl though, don’t worry! With the right products and method, this can still work for you, too!

How to achieve this look: after showering, apply desired hair products to your hair and wrap it upside down in a cotton t-shirt. Leave the shirt on while you catch some Zs and by the morning, your curls will bounce in no time!

4. Sock Bun

This hack is ideal for those babes with naturally longer hair who are hoping to preserve their blow-out. 

How to achieve this look: start with dry hair and clean cotton socks for the best results. Pull all of your hair into a tight ponytail, and grab a section of your hair and begin wrapping it around the sock, rolling the sock up to your scalp and then knotting the ends in place to secure your hair. Repeat until all of the hair in your ponytail is rolled up.

 I recommend sleeping with a satin cap to avoid undoing your hard work, then, in the morning, simply untie your socks, shake out your hair, and make your day iconic!

5. Rollers 

You might think hair rollers are more your grandma's thing, but they don't have to be! 

How to achieve the look: on damp hair, start rolling sections from the bottom up and secure with a bobby pin. Let it dry for two to three hours, or overnight. Before you know it, you’ll have gorgeous waves and can apply hairspray to set them when the rollers come out! 

How’s that for a heatless curl hack?!

That’s it for now, babe, but don’t forget to tune in next week and let me know which hack you tried! Stay connected with me on Instagram at @xobrittaldean, and use the hashtag #xobrittbabe for a chance to be featured! 

Xo Britt 💋

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