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Hair Rollers 101

Hair Rollers 101

Brittany Aldean
4 minute read

Dear Diary, 

I’m sure everyone out there has heard the latest craze about the new hair must-have: the 90s blowout. You might have seen a few products out there circulating that promote this look such as an airwrap or blow-drying brush, but don’t be fooled! I can help you achieve that look for a much cheaper price, and with less hassle! And you know what the secret ingredient to a pretty, 90s blowout is? Hot Hair Rollers! 

Lucky for you, I’ve broken down my go to routine when it comes to using hair rollers to get the hair of your dreams! 

First, you’ll start by installing your Xo Britt clip-in extensions, using the installation guide that came in your pretty hair packaging! Once your pretty hair is in place, I want you to section off one inch sections around the first layer of your hair, adding in a hair roller at each section and securing with a bobby pin or clip. This will allow the curls to set while you continue to work around the rest of your head! 

When you secure the first layer of your hair in its curlers, continue to work your way up your head, sectioning off 1 inch sections as you go, and finishing with the hot hair roller and bobby pin. Once you have made it to the top of your head, I recommend using your favorite curling iron to get the perfect curl placement, especially if you have any bangs! Remember to curl away from your face so that your curls are opening up your face, and not closing it in.

Once the hot hair rollers have set for about 10 minutes for a looser wave, or 15-20 minutes for a tighter curl, you can start undoing the rollers one at a time. I recommend starting from the bottom and working your way up since the bottom rollers were put in first! 

When all of the hair rollers have been removed, take your blow dryer on the cool setting and blow through your new bouncy curls to let them breathe. Next, gently comb or brush through the curls, opening up their depth. Finish with hair oil and that’s it! You now are rocking that must-have 90s blowout. You’re welcome!

To switch up this look and rock a 90s ponytail, all you need is your Xo Britt clip-in ponytail, a few bobby pins, an elastic, your hot hair rollers, and some hairspray! Begin by pulling your natural hair into a high or mid-level ponytail, securing with an elastic. Next, you’ll insert the clip-in ponytail base into the base of your ponytail, and wrap the velcro strip around the outside to cover up the ponytail insert. Once the ponytail and wrap are in place, secure with a bobby pin. 

Now that your pretty ponytail is ready to rock, you just need the final step: the curls! Just like you would do if you were going for that voluminous curled look with hair worn down, you will begin by sectioning off one inch sections, adding the hot hair roller to each, and rolling up to the base of your ponytail where you will secure with a clip or bobby pin. Once the roller sets for 15-20 minutes, release the closure. Finish by lightly running a comb through the curls to open up the volume, add a touch of hair oil, and a spritz of hairspray! Congratulations, you’re now the baddest on the block!

That’s it for now, y’all! Be sure to keep up with me on Instagram at @xobrittaldean and don’t forget to tag me in your pretty hair pics with #xobrittbabe for a chance to be featured!

Xo Britt 💋

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