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Customizing Your Extensions Color

Customizing Your Extensions Color

Brittany Aldean
3 minute read

Dear Diary,

As much as I love going into the salon to get my pretty hair taken care of, it’s important to learn all of the little tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy and happy at home! Luckily for you, I’m going to be giving you the 411 on all things custom coloring and toning for your extensions. Let’s settle in, grab some popcorn, and get ready to learn!

Before we get started, it’s crucial to begin this process with the right products! I personally love using dpHUE’s blue and purple shampoos and conditioners to achieve my dream color. For my brunettes, I typically recommend using the blue tones, and for my blondes, I would recommend using the purple! These will cancel out any brassy tones, leaving your hair with a nice icy finish.

So, how do you use these fabulous products? Let me tell you step-by-step!

  • Step 1. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water. You want the water to be deep enough to fully soak your hair. 
  • Step 2. Pour a little bit of the shampoo into the water while counting to three. Once the shampoo is added to the bowl, use your fingers to mix the shampoo with the water. I recommend wearing gloves to keep those pretty hands clean! Stir until the shampoo is evenly distributed.
  • Step 3. Dip your hair into the water while making sure it is fully saturating your hair. PRO TIP: If you want an icier finish, you can add more purple or blue shampoo. If you want a little bit of ice, just add a little more purple or blue shampoo! 
  • Step 4. Continue to soak your hair in the water until it has achieved your desired tone, adding more shampoo if necessary.
  • Step 5. Remove your hair from water once you achieve your desired tone. Rinse under lukewarm water until it runs clear. 
  • Step 6. Take a quarter size amount of blue or purple conditioner and put it into your hand. You will then run the conditioner over your hair ensuring you cover it from root to tip. This will seal the cuticle and extend the life of your extensions.
  • Step 7. Rinse conditioner out of your hair thoroughly until there is no residue left behind. 
  • Step 8. Spray your hair with a in leave-in conditioner and blow dry on a low heat setting. Of course, you can also air dry if you prefer!   

To follow along step-by-step with my Iconic Hair Expert, Terra Harvell, watch our color toning video here! You can totally do this! 

That’s it for now, babe! Stay connected with me on Instagram at @xobrittaldean and use the hashtag #xobrittbabe for a chance to be featured! 

Xo Britt 💋

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