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Everything You Need to Know About Different Curling Techniques

Everything You Need to Know About Different Curling Techniques

Brittany Aldean
4 minute read

Dear Diary, 

I cannot believe the launch of our Iconic Iron is here, and I can’t wait to celebrate with all of my babes at our pop up event tonight at The Hampton Social, Nashville! 

Not only are guests able to shop this amazing new release, but they’ll be able to hear all of the top experts share their insider secrets on all things beauty. So, to preface this special event, I wanted to share some iconic secrets with you on everything you need to know about different curling techniques.

Depending on what type of curl you want to achieve, you’ll want to use the iron differently for each curl. So, let’s get started! 

Type 1: Big, Loose Curls

You might not know them by their official name but flat wrap curls are probably the most common method people try when learning how to curl hair. Flat wrap curling is when small sections of hair are wrapped flat around a curling wand, giving you classic loose curls that work for any occasion.

How to achieve the curl:

Take your hair and wrap it flat like a ribbon around the barrel and hold it there for around 15 seconds. Then release the curl and use your fingers to gently pull on it from the ends to soften up the ringlets into loose curls.

Type 2: Defined Spiral Curls

This method is the best for creating tight and defined spiral curls that stay bouncy and full of volume – making them a great choice for fine hair types.

How to achieve the curl:

Take a piece of hair and twist it all the way down to the bottom, before wrapping it around your curling wand.

Hair Hack: Once you’ve released the curl, hold it in the palm of your hand and allow it to cool before letting it drop. This will help to give your curls even more longevity and definition. For extra hold and volume, grab some of your favorite dry texturizing spray and spray up into your roots, shaking out the curls from root to tip.

Type 3: Retro Curls

You don’t have to have a curling wand to be able to create curls. Learning how to curl your hair with a straightener to make ‘S’ shaped waves is a great way to make old Hollywood waves that look beautifully vintage and romantic.

How to achieve the curl

Taking a small section of hair, push the hair towards your roots so that it forms an ‘S’ shape and use your straighteners to press down, starting at the top. Then simply continue clamping the straighteners down to create wavy ‘S’ shaped waves all the way down the hair.

Type 4: Natural Curls

Want to know how to get curly hair that looks natural? Rather than having perfectly sized curls that all go in the same direction, the key to creating natural-looking curls is to have some difference in size and curl pattern, as not even naturally curly haired girls have perfectly positioned curls!

The 2 directional flat wrap technique involves curling your hair first one way and then the other to mimic natural windswept, beachy curls.

How to achieve the curl

Following the flat wrap curling technique used in type 1, take a piece of hair from near the root and curl it towards your face. Then, working from the end of the hair, curl it again, this time curling away from your face.

Type 5: The Beach Wave

We all know and love the perfect beach wave, especially during the summer! This easy, go-to technique has been seen on all of the celebs, and will be sticking around for all of the warm weather months in the years to come.

How to achieve the curl

Begin by wrapping your section of hair around the curling iron, and leave about 1-2 inches out at the end. As you curl your hair, untwist the curling iron, feeding the extra hair left out at the end through the barrel. Once you’ve curled your hair all the way around your hair, alternating the curl direction on each piece, you will shake out the curls with your fingers. Once you like the look of your curls, finish with a fine mist hairspray or texturizing spray to keep your waves looking bouncy and full!

That’s it for now babe, I can’t wait to see which curl type you try first with your Iconic Iron! Shop the full collection of clip-ins here!

Xo Britt 💋

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