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5 Reasons to Try Extensions

5 Reasons to Try Extensions

Brittany Aldean
3 minute read

A lot of people ask me, “Why clip-ins? Why not a makeup line or jewelry?” The truth is, I’m passionate about makeup and accessories and all of that fun stuff, but I think the thing that gives me the most confidence is my hair. I love that clip-in hair extensions allow me to change my hair and change it OFTEN, and I wanted to share that with all of you. Of course, there are a million reasons to try clip-in hair extensions, but today, I’m going to give you my top five!


I’ll tell you guys a secret: back when I cut my hair, I knew I was about to launch some incredible clip-ins! I felt totally confident trying a new look because I knew that soon enough, I would be able to make my hair long and lush again with a few easy clips. Whether you try out my 16’’ or 22’’ hair, you’re going to LOVE the length it gives you.


One of my idols once said, “The higher the hair, the closer to God.” While big beehive styles may not be quite so en vogue these days, a girl needs a little volume, right? I love my clip-in hair extensions so much because no matter what kind of up-do or braid or curls I want to wear, they give me just the right amount of volume while staying out of sight!

If you’re struggling with thinning hair from stress, postpartum, hyperthyroidism, or anything like that, these extensions are such a blessing! I know that as women, we feel a lot of pride and connection to our hair, so giving women the volume they crave was my biggest motivator for creating these collections!


Y’all have probably guessed that when it comes to sticking with one particular style or length, I can’t commit! It’s just too much fun to experiment with your hair, right? That’s why I LOVE the clip-ins. You can pop them in and out, have your stylist color them in bold hues, and so much more. Plus, there’s no damage to your own hair, so you have nothing to lose! 


Speaking of experimenting with styles, nothing gives you more freedom and versatility than clip-in hair extensions! This summer, I’ve been loving how easy my short hair is to wear to the pool and the beach. But in the evenings and on some occasions, I love going back to my long styles! All I have to do is pop in my clip-ins and I’m back to long hair like Memphis’ girl Elsa!


Finally, the real reason we all love clip-in hair extensions: they’re just so EASY! When I was creating these with our hair expert, Terra, we wanted to make sure that these were THE easiest clip-ins to use. The color-coded clips, our custom guides, and our IGTV tutorials all work together to make installing and removing these clip-ins a breeze! Whenever I’m putting mine back in, I like to race myself to beat my previous time . . . doesn’t everyone??

Remember, when you’re rocking your new clip-in hair extensions on Instagram, be sure to tag @XoBrittAldean and use #XoBrittBabe for a chance to be featured!

Xo Britt 💋

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